The way you extricated yourself from our entangled limbs

Was unparalleled even by Houdini

I don’t know if I should be impressed or completely crestfallen

Maybe I can be both in a jarring dichotomy of emotions

They fight inside me and throw things at each other

Screaming through angry tears

Before kissing passionately

Like they’re part of a telenovela

I have to remember what the next shot is

And walk begrudgingly alone

Down the familiar street lined with memories

Hands shoved deep in my own pockets to keep them warm

The crumb I accepted from you was the biggest one by far I had ever embraced

And in my artistic haze I crafted it into a beautiful feast fit for a Queen

And yet still offered you the biggest half

Disappointed when you looked at me and then pushed your chair back

Away from the table

Leaving me alone to sort out my own feelings

But not surprised

Maybe it was too much too soon and the magic we shared faded into the night sky

Leaving us benumbed and slightly paralyzed

Both….or maybe just one of us

Unsure of what to do next

-Astraea Chaumette Poetry