I don't want to forget anything...

The passionfruit on my plate,

A balcony seat at the show that we left early and laughed about.

New Sunglasses,

and the way you looked at me as you watched me dance in the street under thousands of glittering lights.

We drank tequila at the bar

and counted bad decisions like we were counting cards

But I was already drunk off being your lover in the dark and play everything I've got

I sit beside you and smile into Indigo eyes

Today I feel alive and that's enough for me.

A red poker chip sits at the bottom of my bag

Reminding me that it wasn't just a dream.

I only allowed myself to cry over the perfection when I got home....

Rivers of salty tears tracing the edges of my mouth

That were still bitten with your kisses

I can't explain why,

but my hand suddenly misses yours.

-Astraea Chaumette Poetry