We are all hurt people hurting other people

Until we tame the demons

That threaten to bite

How easy it is to forget that we are the villain in someone else’s story

While we simultaneously sweep up the broken pieces of our own heart

And think of ways to kill the pain.

We use a Samurai sword to remove a splinter.

perform a lobotomy instead of reaching for aspirin

Overthinking becomes as natural as breathing

We tackle it with the tenacity and dedication of an Olympic athlete

Crafting voodoo dolls in anger

Screaming profanities through tears

I feel romantically bipolar

Consistently having an out of body experience while

Walking a tightrope of sanity

Eyes closed in six inch heels

Trekking my way to meet someone

But sprinting over my still fresh footprints when they simply turn around and notice me.

-Astraea Chaumette Poetry